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Tired of Yellow Jackets in your yard?

Don't you wish you could control them?

Big H ProductsTM wants to help with our Yellow Jacket Traps, an all-natural, non-poisonous, reusable trap specifically designed to trap and help eliminate Yellow Jackets, flies, and other small winged pests.

How do BigHTM Yellow Jacket Traps work?

You simply fill the bottle with juice to the fill line, then use fresh meat (ham, turkey, etc) at the end of the bait string to bait the trap.

The traps work by naturally attracting nearby Yellow Jackets with bait (meat you attact to the bait string) and the juice in the bottom of the trap. The Yellow Jackets enter the trap through one of the holes on the side. After flying around a bit, they get caught in the juice. The dishwashing detergent in the juice helps break the surface tension so they don't stay on top of the juice.

Wait for the Yellow Traps to die, then unscrew the lid, dump out the old juice and dead bugs, remove the old bait, then fill the trap with fresh juice and rebait the bait string with fresh meat. It's that simple!

Where can I buy the Traps?

Big H Yellow Jacket Traps will be available soon through both local retailers and online.

Until then, take a look at other fine products we offer.


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