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How Do BigH TrapsTM for Hobo & Brown Recluse Spiders work?

Hobo and Brown Recluse Spider bites can make the victim very sick. If you are bit, seek medical attention! But don't wait to get bit; get rid of your Hobo and Brown Recluse Spiders today the most effective way.

If you live in Hobo or Brown Recluse territory, our Big H TrapsTM ". . . traps are far and away the most safe and effective measure that can be used for controlling hobo spiders indoors." - Darwin K. Vest (Hobo Spider Expert). 

Rather than exposing yourself and your family to poison (sprays & pesticides), place non- poisonous and natural-attractant-baited Big H TrapsTM to trap Hobo & Brown Recluse Spiders when they move into your homes to keep you feeling safe.
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To use the traps most effectively for brown recluse spiders, place traps in closets or other secluded areas where you have seen spiders and/or webs. 

You can either lay them out flat or fold them up to protect pets and small children from getting stuck.

Hobo Spiders as well as Brown Recluse spiders are known for their reclusive nature and avoid humans.  However, despite their reclusive nature, they do bite humans. The most common situations resulting in bites are these:

  1. When people put on clothing or shoes (containing a spider) that were left on the floor overnight when the spider crawled into the object.
  2. When people blindly pick up or grab objects with out gloves in a secluded or rarely visited area.
  3. When people roll over in bed on a spider that had climbed up the covers that were touching the floor.

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What additional products would be helpful?

We offer a great compliment to our Traps--Cobweb Eliminator! This spray comes in a 32 oz. spray bottle and deteriorates the webs attachment points making for easy removal and maintains a neat, clean appearance. It also discourages the reformation of cobwebs. The spray works indoors or outdoors, does not stain, and leaves no long lasting odor.

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Where can I buy BigH TrapsTM?

There are a couple of ways to get these traps:

     1) Buy them from a local dealer. Click on your state below to find a dealer:

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If your area doesn't have a local dealer, click here to download a referral sheet in pdf format, fill out your information, then give it to one or several businesses in your area you think would be interested in becomming a dealer.

     2) Buy them online. Click here to order Big H TrapsTM online and have them delivered to your home.

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