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Love to barbeque or light Scented Candles?

Hate burning your fingers?

Are you tired of the generic, plastic lighters you buy at the supermarket?

We at BigHTM Products are, and we're doing something about it. BigHTM Products carries the complete line of lighters from Gibson enterprises.

One of our most popular lighters is the MegaMatch lighter for BBQ's, fireplaces, candles, and other need-to-light-but-hate-to-get-burnt needs—a more stylish way to go than your common, grocery store variety. Available for immediate purchase online!

Continue down the page to order a MegaMatch or to become a dealer.

MegaMatch Lighter

This beautifully crafted lighter is child-resistant and reusable. It's great for BBQ's, fireplaces, gas stoves, candels, and other needs. Buy a box and give them to your friends and co-workers, or buy them for yourself.

Throw away your ordinary matches and get yourself a MegaMatch. With MegaMatch, it's easier than ever to light a fire without getting burned!

Each match can be purchased online for only $9.95 plus S&H.

Become a Dealer or Wholesaler

AfterBurner Lighters come in a round display of 24 lighters. The MegaMatch Lighters come in a square dispaly of 20 lighters. If you are interested in learning more and becoming a dealer, please fill out this contact form, and a representative will contact you shortly.

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