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Love Gardening?

Wish you had better tools?

BigH ProductsTM feels for you. That's why we now carry DiggitTM brand gardening tools. These multi-purpose tools are build of sturdy materials to provide years of gardening


A multi-purpose tool, sturdily built to provide years of service. It is guaranteed for 5 years against breakage or manufacturing defects. One customer has used theirs for 5 years, leaving it outside in the Seattle rain the whole time, and it still works fine.

Purchase the Diggit right now online for only $9.95 plus S&H.

DiggitTM 2

A heavier duty version of the Diggit, for people who want the very best. It has a bright yellow handle instead of red, and the blade is a special grade of high strength, very corrosion resistant polished stainless steel. People give these tools as gifts to those special gardeners they know. This tool has a lifetime guarantee against breakage, corrosion or manufacturing defects.

Purchase the Diggit2 right now online for only 14.95 plus S&H.

DiggitTM Duck

This tool is used for getting weeds out of cracks in driveways, sidewalks, rockeries, and out of hard packed, rocky ground such as gravel pathways and dirt driveways. We call it a duck because the shape of the blade and the hang hole look like a duckís head. It is also excellent for digging out tough weeds like grasses that have invaded flower beds. Features a bright orange handle so itís hard to lose in the garden.

Purchase the Diggit Duck now for only 9.95 plus S&H.

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